Group Profile

Mohite Group began its operations in 1990 under the ownership and management of Pramod Mohite, a Civil Engineer from Mumbai University.

Located in Dombivli, in Thane District 50 km from Mumbai, we enjoy a reputation of bringing a small-town attitude of caring and craftsmanship to each project, but also having professional capabilities surpassing many large-city firms.

We serve a region encompassing in and around Mumbai and districts of Thane, and other regions of the state of Maharashtra providing general contractor services on a broad array of industrial, residential and commercial building projects.

At Mohite Group, our focus is always on the future. Not just what will take care of your immediate needs, but what will serve you best in five, ten or fifteen years down the road.

We believe that we have unique capabilities in equipment, expertise and experience to address your worries and provide the solutions to your special needs.

While our group has been in business for almost 20 years, many of our employees have been in the trade even longer. In fact, our Directors and the supervisory team averages over 15 years of experience each.

This experience enables us to complete projects faster with fewer people on the job, eliminate mistakes, and assure better quality with greater cost-efficiency.

Similarly, the spectrum and scope of our project experience adds to our capabilities. That project experience includes:

  • Industrial Factories
  • Residential Buildings
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals

We believe this broad array of experience gives us the rare ability to handle virtually any type of commercial building project. It also gives us a unique capability to adapt building techniques and produce innovative solutions to new or unusual situations.

One thing that sets Mohite Group different than other general contractors is that we self-perform a greater portion of any given project than most contractors.

That means you avoid costly markups. It also means that we are able to maintain tighter control over project schedules for faster completion. In addition, self-performance also enables us to assure you a higher level of quality workmanship.

With our superior levels of equipment, expertise and experience, Mohite Group is poised to tackle virtually any industrial, commercial and residential construction project of any scale and help you build for the future!